Unlock the Future of Customer Service with CenCore - by Cention: Join Our Early Adopter Campaign!

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity for businesses to experience the cutting-edge capabilities of our AI/ML orchestration solution CenCore completely free until the end of this year. As pioneers in AI-driven customer service, we invite you to join our early adopter campaign and revolutionize how you handle customer interactions.


Why CenCore?

At CenCore, we are redefining the landscape of customer service with our powerful, locally hosted AI and ML solutions. Our integrated platform offers:


•  Automatic Responses: Seamlessly handle incoming cases via email, chat, and direct messages with our state-of-the-art fine-tuned Large Language Model (LLM).

•  Efficient Classification and Labeling: Leverage our Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to classify, feel the mode, identify the language and label customer inquiries accurately, ensuring swift and relevant responses.

•  Advanced Translation Module: Break language barriers effortlessly with our robust translation capabilities, powered by the Helsinki project.

•  Orchestrated Excellence: Enjoy the full spectrum of AI and ML functionalities, orchestrated to work in harmony and deliver unmatched performance.


Join the Early Adopter Campaign

For the month of July with onboarding in August, we are opening the doors to our AI/ML orchestration for new and existing customers, offering you the chance to integrate these advanced solutions into your Cention workflows at no cost until the end of the year. This limited-time offer is designed to showcase the transformative power of CenCore and gather invaluable feedback to refine our services further.


Benefits of Participating

1.   No Cost, No Risk: Experience the full suite of our AI/ML orchestration without any financial commitment until the end of 2024.

2.   Early Access to Innovations: Be the first to leverage our latest advancements in AI and ML, tailored to enhance your customer service operations.

3.   Direct Input into Development: As an early adopter, your feedback will directly influence the ongoing development and optimization of our solutions, ensuring they meet your specific needs.


Real-World Impact

Already, leading businesses are reaping the benefits of CenCore. From telcos to major retailers, schools, and B2B/B2C vendors, our solution is driving efficiency and customer satisfaction across diverse sectors. Now, it’s your turn to join this innovative journey.


How to Get Started

Signing up is easy! Simply send us an email to cencore.sales@cention.com 
Our team will be in touch to set up your access and provide all the support you need to integrate CenCore into your Cention operations.


The Future is Here

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to elevate your customer service to new heights. Join our early adopter campaign today and be part of the AI revolution with CenCore. Together, let’s shape the future of customer interactions.


We look forward to welcoming you to the future of intelligent customer service. Act now, and transform the way you connect with your customers!