A More Efficient Data Analysis with Reports

You want to keep customers happy. You want them to keep coming back to your service. Having a streamlined and efficient data analysis with reports can help you to achieve that. But, how is that possible?

To provide good customer experience, agents must perform well. Short response time, satisfying response to queries, and excellent task handling are keys to keeping excellent customer experience. Even in this age, people still prefer to interact directly with agents for queries and questions. Having a good 360° view on performance by agents is crucial. Hence, a platform that provides detailed and structured reports is needed.

Here are six ways to a more efficient data analysis with reports!

Efficient Data Analysis with a Single Platform

Some contact centers have multiple platforms that serve different purposes. While it is unavoidable for some industries (i.e.banking), having a single platform that is capable of generating reports will increase efficiency and productivity of the entire team. It will also be easier to train new agents when everything they need can be obtained on a single platform.

Reports can be systematically generated on Cention. Users can select any time period that they wish to monitor under ‘Statistics’. As a result, this allows for a better accessibility and a more organized data presentation. These reports can be accessed at any time. They can even be auto-generated, but we’ll get to that later.

Systematic Data Analysis with Customized Reports

There are times when reports becomes too cluttered with information. Some platforms don’t allow users to pick and select the information they needed. Consequently, they have to be content with a stock template that does not help with narrowing down crucial information. Scenarios such as this can be avoided with the option of creating customized reports.

Creating customized reports has been one of Cention’s key features! They may choose to select values such as agent names, availability, and other key values that they wish to review. These reports can then be saved or reset for future references. With Cention, users can enjoy a more streamlined and digestible reporting system. 

Improve Data Analysis with Visualized Reports

Undoubtedly, humans are drawn to image presentations. This is true even when it comes down to reports. Chart or graph-based reports are easier to understand and analyze. Meanwhile, regular tables which only show texts take up more time to be processed. Having reports that have visual representations will increase the team’s output and understanding, therefore resulting in better overall team and individual performance.

Cention uses a reliable report generating system that creates thorough and detailed reports with clear visual representations. All communication projections of incoming, ongoing, and closed tasks are shown in graphs and charts. With this, agents can have a better overview of individual performance through a set of structured data. All these will assist them to understand which aspect they can improve on to provide better customer experience. 

Keeping Track of Average Handling Time

Customers love it when questions are answered even before they’re asked. However, there are times when agents need some time to properly respond to each query, and by monitoring their handling time, you will have an idea of what can or should be improved to provide better customer experience.

On Cention, average handling time can be monitored easily. You can choose to have reports on specific days or even in previous months. You may also select reports from previous months or weeks that you wish to view on the portal, and it will be available for viewing immediately.

Auto-Generated Reports

For a long time, reports have been made manually. While there’s nothing wrong with this, businesses need to improve and adapt to current trends to remain relevant in their respective industries. Through auto-generated reports, agents and managers can receive regular updates according to a scheduled time, thus creating a more fluid workflow on every level.

This has been one of Cention’s best features. Users can schedule the reports to be generated automatically at specific times. For instance, Manager A sets for an automated report to be generated at 9 am every morning. By doing this, Manager A can view agents’ performance for the previous day. Manager A will be able to provide suitable recommendations to agents based on their performance. A streamlined and efficient data analysis will help to maintain excellent performance across the board .

Share and Export

Being able to share reports is important to allow your team to have an integrated mind-set. Unlocking this does not only improve accessibility, but it will also result in a well-rounded decision making. Performance analysis can be carried more efficiently and effectively when every member is well aware of what’s happening within the team.

Sharing and exporting reports is possible through Cention, which can be easily accessed through the report panel. The reports can also be exported for offline, giving you the freedom to analyze team performance at anywhere possible. Having access to the reports at any time grants team members the ability to become proactive instead of reactive. 

A Powerful Omnichannel Platform

Cention is dedicated to bringing out the best from your business. Enjoy greater team performance with a powerful omnichannel platform that enables a streamlined and efficient data analysis with reports!

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