Social Isolation: Five Tech Tips to Help You Get Through

We are seeing the impact of the recent Covid-19 threat on multiple layers of society. Events of panic buying have occurred across the world due to the enforced social isolation as an attempt to curb further infection from becoming worse. As a result, stores are running out of stocks and streets become empty while medical institutions are barely able to cope with hundreds and thousands of surging cases everyday. 


Not everyone is expected to be at the frontlines against this massive threat. But everyone is capable of doing their part to stop the pandemic from spreading – by staying at home. Governments across the world have encouraged their citizens to practice social isolation until the infection curve has been flattened.


It cannot be stressed enough why this social isolation period is so important. Everyone has a part to play in the effort to stop the pandemic from spreading. Although the current active cases have gone beyond 700,000 worldwide (at the time this article was written), it is not too late for us to help with this ongoing battle. All we have to do is stay at home and doing it is not hard at all.


But as humans are naturally social creatures, we long to be out and do things that we love. Fortunately, living in the digital age gives us the advantage of staying connected with our peers online. Here are five tech tips to help you get through this social isolation period.


Social Isolation Tech Tip: Utilize Online Delivery Services


In some instances, we can’t really avoid having to go out when it involves procuring food or other basic necessities. However, it is possible to still get whatever you need without stepping a single step out of your house. Various online delivery services are available and some even offer free deliveries during this lockdown period. Utilizing these services will not only help you to remain at home, but you will also help maintain the economy and support your local community at the same time.


Social Isolation Tech Tip: Online Meetups 


The social isolation period can get a bit lonely, especially for those who stay by themselves. And since going out is longer an option, various groups such as Rock the Lockdown have emerged on social media to meet new people and stay social in this turbulent period. You can also try exploring new online communities that may help you discover new interests that you may not be aware of before!


Social Isolation Tech Tip: Virtual Tours


Being cooped up at home doesn’t mean you can’t still explore the world! Websites like Virtual School Activities offer access to virtual tours of famous tourists sites all over the world. In addition, galleries and museums have been putting up their collections on social media under the hashtag #museumfromhome. These can be a great way to spend quality time with your family, especially if you have children in the house! 


Indoor Security Cameras


Although crime rate has been significantly reduced, installing security cameras during social isolation period can be helpful to monitor elderly family members with worrying conditions. Having these cameras will help you to remotely check on them without exposing yourself to potential infection threats. 


Staying Fit


Keeping yourself fit and healthy is always important. Various fitness classes are now available online workouts to try at home as gyms and fitness gurus are offering tutorials through Youtube videos. Social isolation period should not become an excuse to let yourself waste away. Keeping yourself healthy and productive will definitely help you to remain calm while going through these hard times.

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