Voice Support

Voice support is still crucial for any contact center. It is necessary for all businesses to have a seamless voice support. With voice support in your contact center, you are able to easily monitor, manage and track every incoming phone call.

Benefits of Voice Support

Improved customer service management

When your customer seeks assistance or experience any issues related to your product or service, your company’s contact center is the first location they can refer to for professional assistance.

They also expect you, as officers, to have a record of their details at hand and to respond to their questions in a timely manner. In cases where incoming calls are getting too overwhelming, it is not feasible for agents to handle every call.

That’s where having access to all the necessary tools available in the contact center software can help transform your contact center. Having voice support in your contact center software enables you to route a call depending on the type of product or service, customer location, and ensuring that the right agent manages it.

Voice support also allows agents to gather, analyze, as well as share information instantaneously to provide a seamless transfer between agents, thus minimizing customer waiting time.

Data and reporting features

Having an extensive reporting system is one of the most crucial features to have in any contact center because it provides agents and especially managers with all the information they need for strategic planning and making crucial decisions.

The data can range from:

  • Average call response.
  • Call agents online.
  • Calls transferred.
  • No. of. calls answered and many more.
Collecting customer data

With a contact center software, agents have greater access to the customer data.  Call center software centrally organizes customer records, including information about everything from contact information to customer purchasing and service background.

This helps agents to communicate with customers in a more timely, detailed, and personalized way.


Inbound and Outbound Calls

As agents use Cention Contact Center, they can manage both inbound and outbound calls easily and conveniently.

Forward call to another agent

When agents are not available to answer the next incoming call, the agent is able to forward the call to another available agent and the available agent is able to respond to the call.

Switch from phone to any channel

When necessary, agents are able to easily switch from phone to another channel. For example, when a customer contacts your brand via call, the agent is requesting to send a document, the agent can easily switch to email, or other channels preferred to continue on the query.

Leave internal Comment

Agents are able to leave an internal comment attached with the call errand for other agents or managers to refer to for quality or case reference.

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