Integrations on Cention Contact Center Platform

Applying Integrations to your business infrastructure enables uninterrupted communication flow and streamlined business processes. The integration creates a seamless connectivity between CRM software and other third party applications. Instead of simply retaining customer information from manual entries with your CRM, the integration enables customer information to flow directly into your CRM.  A study done by Salesforce shows businesses that leverage CRM software see a rapid rise in sales by 29% and increase in sales productivity by 34%.

Integrations on Cention Contact Center platform allows your business to provide smooth working experience for agents with full integration capabilities. Bring out the best customer experience you can provide by combining existing functions to create structured and effective omnichannel customer strategies. Retain your previous workforce management software and make the most of your investments with flexible integrations that optimizes your business performance at full capacity.

Integrations on Cention: Seamless Integration with Existing Systems 

It is normal for modern businesses to deploy multiple tools or systems for the purpose of running different business processes. Our customers can have full control over synchronization of data with the integrations. Each integration will have its own defined set list of tasks and customers can choose how the integrations will function.

Integrations on Cention allows our users to maintain existing data and leverage them on the platform. All tools can remain at optimum performance level, regardless of whether each of them is working independently or together. As a result, information can be seamlessly shared across different applications throughout your organization. Take a look at some of our most notable integrations in the list below.

Integrations on Cention

Social Media Integrations (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Being present in the sphere of social media has almost become necessary for any business today. Our customers can manage all incoming interactions from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Play Store directly on Cention Contact Center platform. 

For example, when a customer sends a query through Facebook chat, the message will automatically appear on Cention platform. The responsible agent can then reply to the message without having to access the company Facebook account as the API authentication happens directly on the Cention platform. 

Whatsapp Business API

With more than 1.6 billion users in over 180 countries, Whatsapp has become one of the most preferred communication channels for many. Whatsapp Integration on Cention allows messages from customers to be replied instantly from the platform. Users will experience instant connection with customers from around the world while boosting business productivity at the same time.

External Expert Integration with Slack

The recent External Expert Integration with Slack empowers agents with the flexibility to seek additional advice from external experts through Slack. Agents can now collaborate seamlessly with any department to solve complicated queries or tasks that require certain expertise to be completed. The integration improves agents’ handling quality and ultimately improves customer experience for a more optimized business performance. 

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics integration has a set of APIs that allows information to be passed and retrieved from the system. This function allows users to upload errand information from the Cention platform onto the Microsoft Dynamics system. Users may then generate reports based on the uploaded information. The information sharing will help agents to gain better understanding of customers with robust and efficient reports.

Customer Service Benefits

CRM Integrations on Cention provides your customer service team with just the right amount of contact with customers. We believe that it’s not always just about how many tickets you can solve, but rather solving each query with quality and precision. Centralize all information processes on customer information to be used as support for agents during interaction with customers. This ensures a better service quality for customers and improved work environment for your team.

Gain 360° customer engagement without the need for any additional interface. You can manage interaction from calls, social media, and other communication channels on one platform. Integrations on Cention helps our customers to have a better understanding of customers and anticipate their needs and expectations for a complete and reactive customer service.

Agents can benefit from meaningful and productive interactions with customers through a robust support system from the platform. Additionally, Integrations on Cention delivers accurate read on customer perception and trends. Gain valuable insights to the sales and marketing process to create effective solutions for your business to take on the challenging market by the horns.

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