Why Businesses Should Move to Cloud Computing

Should Contact Centers move to cloud technology? For many years, cloud technology has been widely discussed in the contact center world and is in time certain to happen now more than ever. While some contact centers have already migrated to the cloud world, there are some that are in the process of migrating  and are taking a lot longer to. Why is that? With migration, there are a lot of factors organizations have to look at. From the benefits and the risks of the cloud model and system that best suit your business. Let’s address some of the factors to why businesses should switch to cloud.


Yes, every organization is concerned about the fluctuating prices and the possibility that technology may estimate the true cost of economic or budgetary forecasting. On-premise models tend to have a higher cost because the price of actual equipment is reduced, irrespective of whether they are being utilized regularly or not. All organizations should be able to decide to pay for what they use without the complexity of capacity forecasting, long-term contracts or minimum commitments.



Call centers should embrace cloud computing to ensure the flexibility to enter new markets quickly, anywhere, anytime. It enables businesses to access software and storage that scales to meet their real-time needs without having to worry about running out of space, as is the case with on-premise software. With Cention, we provide agents with the ability to be more flexible both in and out of the workplace where they are able to share documents and other files over the internet that help support both internal and external collaboration. As long as there’s an internet connection anywhere on computers such as smartphones or tablets, real-time data can be accessed quickly and easily through the Internet. Other than greater flexibility, your business can benefit from cost savings, strategic gains, and the ability to concentrate on core business competencies instead of continuing network construction and retention issues.

Increase Uptime 

When a contact center is experiencing downtime, they will have a difficult time to respond to customers and that means disappointed customers and, worse still, a loss of business. The business’s survival and choosing the right cloud technology is crucial and will actually increase uptime. Businesses receive reliability though backed uptime. This is important to make sure your customers can reach you any time they want. Hence it’s a key differentiator that sets you apart in today’s competitive marketplace.



Businesses have been depending on on-premise models for a long time. But in cloud-based infrastructures, data are now well and safely managed. Cention uses a firewall to restrict access to a space and only allows login from certain IP addresses by restricting certain workspace on cloud.cention.com.


Lower IT Demands

In-house IT is expensive and contact center hardware requires constant upgrading. When organizations migrate to cloud-based solutions, it allows them to reduce their IT workforce and their reliance on IT. 


Global Availability

Cention operates in a cloud that is available in every region worldwide. Our ALL-IN-ONE platform unifies your entire workforce so that it is easy to communicate with customers and among the agents. The experience does not only apply to the customer but it also has an impact on the employees throughout the organization. We built a platform that makes it easy for agents to stay connected and work together to serve the best for customers.

Organizations should no longer doubt that cloud technology will benefit their business. We provide cloud services for your business. Be sure to be updated anywhere and anytime. Click the link below to find out how Cention can help your business grow with cloud technology.

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