Errand Handling

What is errand handling?


Errand Handling, also known as ticket handling is an electronic ticketing system that helps businesses respond to their customer requests and queries at a faster and more efficient rate. Errands come in a variety of forms such as voice, chat, email, sms or web forms. Each errand represents a task or an activity that is captured by the system and is stored, handled and updated accordingly.


Technology is constantly changing. We have many devices and platforms at our fingertips which makes it little tricky, particularly as customers have the tendency to document everything they experience or see online. Therefore, businesses have to be a step ahead to ensure customers are always happy with their service.


Let’s go through some of the benefits of a great errand handling system:



Businesses should be organized when handling their customer queries on a consistent basis. A higher level of organization means you have better control over your business. Contact Center agents are constantly being pushed in a million different directions because they are being loaded with customer queries throughout the day. This results in longer errand handling and less productivity. 

Cention help agents keep errands in order of priority. The errands are sorted and classified according to time or value. From errands that come in first and right to the last. When the agent completes the errand, the errand is closed and the next errand will attended.


Routing Options


Every customer has different needs and expectations and each agent have different areas of expertise. They may have an area in which they are more experienced or interested in. Grouping agents in their area of expertise results in shorter response time. Above all, fewer mistakes. Customers always value a faster and more precise response.


Cention enables routing options which sets groups of agents according to their expertise. If an agent receives an errand outside of their scope, they are able to hand the errand over to a more knowledgeable agent instead of leaving the errand unattended. It gives and opportunity for businesses to make full use of each agent’s specialty.



Agents sometimes need additional guidance when handling errands.


Cention gives agents an option to collaborate. If they have any question regarding an errand, they are able to utilize the collaboration option to interact with external experts or other agents within the system. This improves the efficiency of communication between an agent and a customer. Resulting in a better productivity for your business.



The Ideal Errand Handling Solution!


Responding to customers can’t get easier than this. Businesses no longer have to worry about not keeping up with customer queries. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an errand handling software that best fit their business.

A software like Cention offers a great errand handling solution that assists agents to weave in quality along with efficiency. It’s a huge benefit for businesses to give customers the best support service for a great customer experience (CX)!

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