Video Call in Cention

The Cention Video Call API makes it easy to build a custom experience within web or desktop application. Our Video call API features include:

  • Real-time one-on-one consultations
  • Switch from live chat to video call
  • Obtain vital data, including the duration and quality of each video call session
  • Advanced security and firewall control
  • End-to-end assistance
  • Built on an all-in-one omnichannel communication platform

With this feature:

  • Start video call from a live chat thread
  • Initiate live screen-sharing
  • Allow agent control navigation
  • Manage through one platform
  • Cention automatically records all video call sessions between an agent and a customer.
  • Playback the session after the agent is done assisting the customer.
  • Download the playback of the session.

Benefits of implementing video call support:


It is the best way you can get face-to-face interaction over the internet. Making customer support more personal than a regular voice call and businesses should really start looking into having video call support for their business.

Customers love brands that guide them on their decision-making journey all the way to their purchasing process and this personal touch is something businesses can use to enhance their customer experience and create loyalty to your business.

Assist on physical tasks

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck figuring out how to use a product we just purchased. Therefore, during moments when customers require assistance on product assembly, agents are able to initiate a video call explaining how to solve their current issue, giving them a clear explanation visually and verbally.


When you have a fantastic product and a good support team. Remind others on how good and professional your organization really is by reminding others how good your organization is and show how professional your organization.

Customers want to know that they’re dealing with a contact center that knows what they are doing and take their customer support seriously. This feature allows you to showcase your professionalism like no other channel to date.

Reduce tension

Unfortunately, contact centers aren’t always the easiest places in terms of customer communication. On certain occasions, it can sometimes get very tense between an agent and a customer. When customers are facing a problem and they’re assisted by an unknown voice, customers are quick to feel disconnected, and therefore it’s easier for tension to rise.

Some of the tension can be diffused as the customer can physically see and hear the agent and know they are talking to a real person. It gives customers the feeling that the agent is giving their full attention when helping them solve their problems.

Reduce turnover rates

As we all know, contact centers have an outstanding turnover rate. A contact center agent plays a dominant role in your customer experience and the daily struggles of a contact center agent can get overwhelming at times.

By allowing your agents to interact with your customers through video call will encourage agents to feel more of a part of your business other than feeling just like a contact center agent.

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