Live Chat in Cention

Live Chat has become the leading digital contact method for online customers, 46% of customers prefer live chat compared to email at just 29%, and 16% for social media. By allowing your customers to interact with you in real-time through live chat, not only are you meeting their ever-changing demands, but you also gain a competitive advantage.

The Benefits of Live Chat:

Providing Real-time Customer Support

Provide customer service in real-time to answer questions immediately. 79% of clients state that they favor live chat precisely because it provides immediacy compared with other platforms. The pace of response, however, is extremely significant. ‘Forrester’s Raising the Bar’ research showed that one in 5 customers will be prepared to stop using a product or service via online chat for slow response times. So, how soon do customers get chat answers to their questions? For email, it’s 12 hours on average while for social media it’s 10 hours.

Your customers will receive an answer to their questions within a couple of minutes with live chat. Making sure customer queries are responded to is another factor. If agents don’t respond at all, then you can’t respond fast enough. This not only provides a bad customer experience, but it’s harder to reach customer expectations. For companies to maximize the use of live chat is to treat a live chat like a voice call – you have only one option which is to respond immediately. In cases where your agents are not available, provide your customers with the option to contact you by email.

Improve Your Satisfaction Score

The good news is that if you respond quickly, you will increase overall satisfaction rates. Quick responses mean happy customers and a reduced burden on your customer success team. And the reason behind this is simple – your customers hate waiting! In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why they stop doing business with you. Therefore, if you want to improve customer satisfaction rates, you need to respond quickly to live chat requests. Unfortunately, most companies don’t.

To keep your customers happy, create alerts so that a chat is automatically assigned to an available agent if unanswered within 30 seconds. You can also set expectations by including a message upfront before the chat begins so that customers are not kept waiting.

Increase Business Revenue

Live chat is the way to go if you are looking for a new way to extend your business. Just having live chat on your website will have a huge effect on your revenue. Crazy Egg notes that 38% of customers are more likely to purchase if they receive live chat support from a company.

Furthermore, live chat is a perfect way to attract web visitors to your website. More customers are likely to come back to an online chat site. It doesn’t mean that without using live chat, you can’t make sales. But when your customers start using live chat during the purchasing process, that’s when the chat really makes an impact.

Key Features:


Customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer service and chatbots are a smarter way to ensure that customers receive the instant response they demand. Therefore, a chatbot combined with automated routing can take care of this process accurately and instantaneously, thus reducing the time and cost associated with transferring a customer between different departments.

In addition, chatbots have the ability to gather customer information ahead of time, giving agents all the data, they need to resolve the issue most effectively. When the agent has follow-up questions, the customer can answer in real-time as well as opposed to having to wait around if they are inquiring through a different channel like email.


All customers who contact you via live chat will be routed to the appropriate agent according to the area of specialization and department. Where they can respond to customer queries in real-time and provide the most accurate answers. This allows agents to work productively while responding to as many customers as they can.


All data and information, such as ongoing and outgoing tasks are saved in the Cention Contact Center database. This allows our users to monitor every single completed and ongoing task while making it easier to measure KPI for agents and SLA fulfillment for customers from any area. Reports and Data features on Cention enhances your organization’s strategic planning process.

All features will ultimately enable your teams to create and execute strategies based on reliable customer data that you can access anytime via the platform. Cention offers a wide selection of accurate agents’ data ranging from average chat response time, average handling time, organization overview, and all the way to customer satisfaction meter. In addition, data can be shared and exported for offline availability making it easy for team performance analysis.

Video Call

Face-to-face interaction is an important way to communicate with customers – there is a reason why many businesses still have at last one brick and mortar store. However, the physical locations mean huge expense, and, if Covid-19 outbreak has taught us anything, it’s that businesses can’t rely on in-store customer interactions. Video calling allows face-to-face customer service without the cost of having a physical store. Moreover, it ensures face-to-face interactions can continue when customers cannot visit you in person.

When agents are on a video chat with a customer, they have to be fully focused on the customer and resolving their issues or answering their questions. This gives reassurance to customers that the agents are fully focused on helping them. Video call is so much more personal than a standard voice call, and this personal touch is something that businesses can really use to enhance their customer experience. 


Agents are able to collaborate among themselves or with any external experts on the same problem when they require assistance to settle queries that are complicated or even outside of their expertise. Subsequently, this support system will enhance agent productivity. An omnichannel platform like Cention allows agents to collaborate with a single button – making all agents’ lives easier.


The knowledgebase is a centralized repository where information is stored, organized, and then shared. The main benefit of creating and presenting a knowledge base to your audience is that it enables you to provide in-depth, instant, on demand information and answers to your audience members without needing to do so individually.

In the contact center world, it is typically utilized as a way to allow agents or employees to collaborate and distribute all company knowledge and information internally. For example, when an agent wasn’t sure when answering a customer query, the agent is able to refer to the knowledgebase.

Language Translation + detection

At times, customers from around the world come to inquire about your product or service. And it’s almost impossible to have agents who are able to converse in all languages. With Cention, agents are equipped with the language translation and detection feature. This helps eliminate any language barrier and misunderstanding.

For example, it utilizes an agent to communicate live as many as 81 languages. It enables the built-in live translator in Cention. Imagine a customer in Tokyo, chatting online in Japanese with an agent based in Rio de Janeiro, chatting in Portuguese. The customer’s text will be translated directly by Cention Live Chat into Portuguese for the agent to answer in his/her natural language. Then replies will be translated into Japanese. This enables Cention Live Chat agents to communicate with basically every customer in the world.

With endless live chat functions in Cention, attend to your customer needs faster and more efficiently. But most importantly, make your customer support agents happy. Provide them the only omnichannel platform they need to start elevating your customer experience. If you are interested to find out more about the advantages of adding live chat, get in touch with Cention!

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